Our Staff

Our team has been carefully selected and is comprised of individuals who are passionate about teaching children.
Payton Ainscough
Crystal Scott

Toddler teacher- Centre Supervisor

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Crystal has over 15 years of classroom experience working with children from infant to preschoolers. Crystal is passionate about her work and always puts the children's interest at the forefront.  Crystal believes in building a solid relationship not only with the children but also their families.   

Jass Kaur

Preschool/toddler teacher

Ms. Jass is fun loving in her ways and always brings a lot of positive energy to the classroom.  She enjoys working with preschoolers and toddlers.  


Preschool teacher

Registered Early Childhood Educator


Payton has had great opportunities working with children in a group setting.  She enjoys working and learning with children and watching them get excited about new activities.  Her experiences come from her education and her working experience.  

Rachel Garvey
Suzanne Solomon

Preschool/Toddler teacher

Rachel brings a lot of positive energy to the child care centre.  She has experiences working with young children in a variety of settings.  Rachel is loving and always has the child's best interest at heart. She is always looking for new and fun ideas to do with the children. 



Toddler teacher

Regustered Early Childhood Educator

Ms. Suzanne is a Registered Early Childhood Educator.  She's very passionate about working with children and believing that educators are here to enriched the little minds.  

Gabriela Zwierko

Preschool/Toddler teacher

Ms Gabbie always brings her fun, loving and positive energy to the classroom.  She is expressive affectionate to the children.  She is experience working with young children and a loving mom of two!